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Order a gift voucher for a balloon flight in Switzerland with allmost 50 take off locations!

With us, the passenger won't be herded into a balloon with up to 20 other people. We place a lot of value on an individual atmosphere with small groups, so we only use small balloons small balloons. You may mark the take off location in the box below. The meeting point is usually not further than 10 km from the location you selected. The price for a balloon trip lasting around an hour and a half to two hours is Fr 390.- (including VAT) per person, which includes all additional services such as insurance, transport back to the place of departure and a certificate as a souvenir of the balloon trip. Along with the ticket, you will find an information sheet (in German) for the passenger with FAQ and tips for the balloon trip. The gift voucher will be sent within 24 hours, or on the next working day at the latest -- guaranteed. A bill will be sent with the ticket.


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